“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

Karen Douglas, known to most as “KD”, has over 10 years of experience working in the industry having worked with some of the best in the game. In addition to artist management KD has found strength and assisted many in strategic planning, deal negotiation, online community building, A&R management branding, creative direction, e-commerce, along with marketing & programming.  At an early age, this young business-woman has displayed nothing less than a tireless work ethic and ceaseless dedication to every endeavor that she has been a part of. Born in London, England in a single parent home, KD and her mother moved to the United States in the mid 80’s. Though she excelled academically, her interests and competence in a wide array of fields allowed her to diversify her talents. KD let her interests guide her; her strong passion for the fine arts including, all avenues and genres of music and entertainment are what KD attributes to her success. After graduating from high school KD forged ahead and enrolled in Florida International University, in Miami Florida.

Thereafter, she started PK Designz & Printing which along side with Lex Marketing & Promotions began providing services to rap superstars such as Trick Daddy, Trina, Luther “Luke” Campbell, Rick Ross, and Plies. Subsequently, KD went on to service multiple businesses along with well-known clubs and promoters throughout the South Florida area. This was the start of a transition, working heavily with different artists & promoters providing more one on one direction and a variety of marketing ideas which, consisted of art direction and creating promotional packages.

In 2004 she founded a publication, Strip Joint Magazine, along with business partner Ty Johnston. It was from this she developed strong relationships locally and also outside of Florida. At the time the only other printed publication that was circulating really in that market was Ozone. But this stood out because it really touched on a different scene, which at the time was still considered to be so taboo. “I thought it would be a cool mix to highlight not only artists but the strippers as well”. Short lived with the loss of interest & growth of the internet but a great experience. “Honestly purpose is more important than anything to me, so being able to empower other young women in a positive light is the greatest reward of all. My drive comes from my passion, seeing the underdog come out on top.”  You have those that sit and wait for things to happen but I’ve always been known to go “Make It Happen” and will continue to do so. That is the motto! It has taken many years of hard work and dedication to get to where she is today, but she only views her dedication to the industry as nothing more than a “labor of love”. I genuinely love to help others -- I feel that's what I was put here to do. A humble yet assiduous, avid individual, KD has set out to win by any means necessary. It is clear that she is a starlet who is here to stay; her leadership, dedication, and commitment will make her a permanent fixture in the world of entertainment.

KD, talented and knowledgeable in many areas, slowly shifted from just creative direction to overall development and management. Later that would become the focus of her work on and behind the scenes moving forward. Her start in the industry came in 2006, gaining opportunity road manager for rap super star Trina. Although she was still learning from those she then looked up to, she proved herself in overseeing the day to day for platinum recording artist Trina, under Rarebreed Entertainment (Josh "Reddman".) Over a period of time she grew to gain the respect of many and becoming one of the key people that made up Trina’s management team.

In she 2008 served as the creative director over, Trina’s, 4th studio album entitled “Still the Baddest” which debuted at #1 on the Billboard’s Top R&B Hip Hop charts. She lead creative direction in a host of mixtapes which kept Trina’s name buzzing in the markets. In 2010 Trina's Amazing project was released, with that came the first collaboration with Nicki Minaj, whom KD introduced to Trina. “At the time of course, I don’t think any of us knew the impact Nicki would later come to make in the industry. I connected a call through Safaree and had Trina and Nicki on speaker phone. She was super excited to be apart of the record. I recall her sending her verse back maybe 2-3 days later which is not common to me.” From there the two established somewhat of a relationship.

In 2019 Trina released her highly anticipated 6th studio album independently with creative direction also lead by KD as well as A&R management. The album featured a number of amazing artists and producers. I’m most proud of this project because we literally got it out of the mud. A lot of ups and downs, a great learning experience to say the least.  “It’s been an amazing journey being apart of Trina’s successful 20+ year career. She’s a legend!  Honestly, for any artist to sustain a career and have that type of longevity is not seen very often, so I am definitely proud and grateful having contributed to that.

To date, KD been blessed to connect with a number of well known
entertainers through acts of service.  Those connections have allowed her to pitch
and successfully book several acts for events and venues all over including Kelly
Rowland, Vivica Fox, Dave East, and more.  In 2013 she worked with Flo-rida’s
Indie label International Music Group for about year which allowed an opportunity to oversee projects for the group named Team Phlyte which consisted of the now Grammy nominated artist 6lack.  She has done some creatives (A&R) for Grammy award winning recording artist Mya.  

All in all KD has been known throughout the industry for being a hard working woman, respected socialite. She has always been what others would like to identify as the creative, intellectual, innovative, serving the community whenever possible, and create awareness for various situations.

When asked about future goals and achievements, KD states, "When it’s all said and done I’d just like to be known as someone that had a positive impact. Living a life full of purpose. And one that has truly made a difference in the lives of many!"